Janice has been a computer instructor and consultant for over twenty years. After purchasing her first Macintosh in 1987, she instantly knew this would change the way she thought about computer instruction. No more memorizing pages of codes to process information correctly. Here was a computer system that was not only efficient, but fun to use—it even talks to you.


            Realizing most people are overwhelmed by technical instruction manuals, Janice has learned to teach each student only what they need to know, when they need to know to enable them to understand how their computer can be a business tool, a home and personal information system and a source of fun, entertainment and recreation for every member of the family,

            Janice takes your fear, anxiety and terror of computers and, with lots of patience and skill, turns it into knowledge, understanding and excitement of things to come.

            By focusing on personalized individual coaching, she is able to accelerate your learning curve—no crowded classrooms—no questions from other students. All her attention is focused on you, the most important student in the class.

Janice’s goal is to...”provide a computer-learning

experience that makes you feel good while you’re learning,

and—leave you with a sense of accomplishment.”

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10 Steps to Being
Your Own Boss

J. P. Lehne

Apple Computer Specialist

707-721-6571 • ess@vom.com