Computer Coaching

Leave your fear of computers behind...


Basic Macintosh—after four sessions with Janice your fear of computers will start to fade.  In the 4-hour Basic Macintosh class you will learn how to use the mouse to point, click, drag and select; what the Apple menu does, what a window is, how to move and re-size the windows, what a folder/document is and how to maintain your files so you can find what you created, how to burn a CD, how to print your documents, how to select your printer, how to setup your page, how to organize your desktop, how to use different much more.

iTunes—learn how to import your music CDs, how to organize your songs, how to purchase music from the Apple Music Store.

iPhoto— learn how to connect and import pictures from your digital camera, how to edit your photos, how to email your photos, how to make a slideshow of your photos.

iMovie—learn how to make a movie from your slideshow or photos.

iDVD—learn how to burn your movie to DVD.

Internet—learn how to surf the net, learn how to use the internet for research.

Email—learn how to use email, how to organize your mail, how to send and open attachments.

Microsoft Office—learn how to create letters, envelopes, mail labels, set tabs and margins, spreadsheets, newsletters and more.

Quicken—learn how to setup your checkbook and pay bills electronically.

J. P. Lehne

Apple Computer Specialist

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