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If you’ve ever thought...

Then you will benefit from my computer coaching...learn only “what you need to know–when you need to know”


Why we use J. P. Lehne Consulting...

             Janice is my Apple angel. Whenever my computer is not cooperating I call her and she gets me through the crisis with her expertise and patience.”

Carole Kelleher, Sonoma, CA

           “ Over the years, Janice has taken our family from our first Macintosh Performa—through several Macintosh  upgrades—she is always right there when we need her—counseling us on which Mac fits our family’s needs—installing them and training us on the new software—we would be lost without her.”

Robin Lyon, Lyon Ranch, Sonoma, CA

            “Janice serves as my ‘IT department’—she combines an encyclopedic knowledge of computers with a patient, easy to follow and understand teaching style. I don’t know if I could get along without her, but I certainly don’t want to try.”

Dick Adam, Healthcare Consultant

  1.   Computers make me feel nervous

  2.   I don’t do well in a crowded classroom

  3.   You can’t teach old dogs new tricks

  4.   I’m embarrassed to ask for help

  5.   Computer manuals are overwhelming

  6.   I don’t have time for a 16 week class

  7.   College classes don’t fit into my schedule

  8.   I don’t know which computer to buy

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Call today to start “learning what you need to know—when you need to know.”    707 • 721 • 6571

  1. Basic Macintosh

  2. iTunes

  3. iMovie

  4. iPhone

  5. iPad

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